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What Can Small Businesses Learn From Big Brands?

This article was originally posted on ScoreNYC Small businesses and corporations have little to do with one another at first glance. The parable of David and Goliath quickly comes to mind: one side features a small, hungry upstart, while the other features an established legacy company with all the advantages — and consequently, everything to lose. In truth though, this zero-sum mindset is… Read more →

Is It Too Early To Invest In Space-Related Ventures?

This article was originally posted on Back in 2012, the launch of the first private spacecraft bound for the international space station brought earthlings into a new era of space exploration. Now, it seems like new space-related startups are launching (metaphorically-speaking) every day. Along with companies such as Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, well-known Silicon Valley figures like… Read more →

Ed Sappin

Businesses Leading The Shift to Low-Carbon Economy

Companies of various sizes and across many industries are taking concrete steps to lower their carbon emissions as consumers focus more on clean and green initiatives and climate change grows increasingly visible. Some companies are driven by core environmental concerns, and many by the fact that low carbon and other green sectors increasingly make good business sense on outright economic… Read more →

4 Steps From Startup to a Growth-Stage Company

You’ve taken the plunge and started a new business. You made it through the first year and turned a profit — congratulations. When an entrepreneur takes an idea and turns it into a profitable business, it’s a cause for celebration. But it’s not enough to just keep doing the same thing — continued success is going to depend on different and evolving strategies. In… Read more →

Current Reads on Bitcoin and the Blockchain

There are a lot of press articles and books out recently on distributed ledger technology. Two of the most promising were just published earlier in May. Take a read and let me know what you think: The Business Blockchain: Promise, Practice, and Application of the Next Internet Technology Blockchain Revolution: How the Technology Behind Bitcoin Is Changing Money, Business, and… Read more →

Businesses Need to Keep Investing in Green Energy

In the wake of the 2015 Paris Agreement, there has been a renewed emphasis on moving away from fossil fuel power to renewable energy. We continue to make significant progress – 2015 marked a record $329 billion in global investments towards clean energy – however, much remains to be done. One month after the talks, the United Nations Secretary General… Read more →