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The Internet of Things Promises a Future of Being Coddled by Your Appliances

This article was originally published on and subsequently on We interact with countless things each day that support us as we sleep, eat, work and play — the bed we get out of in the morning, the shower head, your toothbrush, the car steering wheel, your watch and your lunchbox. Your stove, blender and refrigerator — you get the picture. What if these objects,… Read more →

Meet The World’s Largest Wind Turbine

Wind power, one the cleanest forms of alternative energy, is great for the environment: it’s plentiful, renewable, uses no water and little land, and is on the rise globally. Wind farms, consisting of many individual wind turbines, are normally used in conjunction with other electricity sources or storage to provide consistent energy. Wind power is playing an increasing part in… Read more →

Healthcare of Tomorrow: Five Promising Innovations from Around the Globe

Our world continues to be transformed by rapid advancements in science and technology. From our phones to our fashion, planes to plastics, and meals to media, groundbreaking research continually yields exciting innovations. The ongoing promise of these new developments, especially in the healthcare sector, illuminates a sometimes gloomy horizon. Dramatic improvements in healthcare over the last few centuries have carried… Read more →