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When Do Humans Become Bionic?

This article was originally posted on Sight for the blind, hearing for the deaf. A human body with functionality restored. That’s the promise of bionics, a field that sits at the intersection of engineering, nanotechnology, medicine, and other scientific disciplines. Bionics is the merger of electronics and technology with the human body, or in other words: robotic body parts.… Read more →


We need small players to help shape the future of AI

This article was originally posted on Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Baidu, and other tech giants are leading the charge in developing and acquiring AI companies and talent. Many observers have expressed concern that the big players are dominating what will be one of the most important fields in technology. Unlike past waves of technological development, the AI boom could shut out startups… Read more →

What’s Holding Back Healthcare Innovation in the 21st Century?

This article was originally posted on The much heralded convergence of healthcare and technology innovation has led to some incremental advancements, but it has not quite yielded major breakthroughs. While many other industries have been upended by new developments in hardware, software, and procedures, the healthcare industry seems to be progressing at a snail’s pace. Is the healthcare revolution fading… Read more →


How AI could create a world of haves and have-nots

This article was originally posted on Artificial intelligence is all over the news, with tech titans arguing over whether it is a force for good or bad. An equally important question is whether AI will further stratify society, creating a world of haves and have-nots. AI is already impacting multiple industries and will take over many blue collar and white collar… Read more →

Cash & 4 Other Things That Are Obsolete

This article was originally posted on What do the typewriter, CDs, and cold, hard cash have in common? They are — or soon will be — anachronisms found in history museums. Why? Because new technology continues to rapidly revolutionize the way we interact with the world and how we use physical objects. Contemporary tech gadgets make our lives more convenient with improved communication, quicker… Read more →

What Are the Most Innovative Cities of 2017 So Far?

This article was originally posted on We live in an age of innovation, where the possibilities of sending humans to Mars, fundamental changes to our communications methods, emerging types of sentience, and our evolving relationships with money, both in business and recreation, are all undergoing advancements. Innovation continues to be a tremendously powerful force for good, especially when the disruptions… Read more →

How Small Businesses Can Capitalize On Tomorrow’s Mobile Innovations

This article was originally posted on ScoreNYC The maturing smartphone industry no longer excites customers as it once did — do you really get excited about a slightly larger display or more pixels on your phone camera? Given the familiarity with almost predictable annual upgrades, it’s no surprise that smartphones sales have stagnated. Against this backdrop small businesses have been very active — about 94% of themhave… Read more →

The Big Brother of AI is here. Should you care?

This article was originally posted on AI is constantly touted as the next big thing. But how many of us are aware that AI is already here? While the jury is still out on whether it will be a benevolent force or an existential threat to humankind, AI is active in many facets of our daily lives and will play… Read more →

Is It Too Early To Invest In Space-Related Ventures?

This article was originally posted on Back in 2012, the launch of the first private spacecraft bound for the international space station brought earthlings into a new era of space exploration. Now, it seems like new space-related startups are launching (metaphorically-speaking) every day. Along with companies such as Planetary Resources and Deep Space Industries, well-known Silicon Valley figures like… Read more →

The Internet of Things Promises a Future of Being Coddled by Your Appliances

This article was originally published on and subsequently on We interact with countless things each day that support us as we sleep, eat, work and play — the bed we get out of in the morning, the shower head, your toothbrush, the car steering wheel, your watch and your lunchbox. Your stove, blender and refrigerator — you get the picture. What if these objects,… Read more →